Easy data management for newborn hearing screening


Efficient newborn hearing screening data management

The HearSIM™ application allows you to perform state-of-the-art newborn hearing screening. It takes care of all necessary data handling so that you can focus on your patient instead. HearSIM™ lets you easily create, review, and edit relevant patient and test information. You can create patient data in the HearSIM™ application and transfer them to your device, then perform the screening and finally return patient data, including the test results to your HearSIM™ database.

HearSIM™ is also a useful tool for customization of your screening device. You can configure patient fields for display on the device, transfer measurement protocols and set up various configuration lists. In this way, you always have your patient as well as test data at hand in one place.

Use-case scenario


Perform hearing screening with your handheld device at bedside.


Data management

Transfer results to HearSIM™ for review and printing.


Tracking export

Export data manually or automatically for transfer to tracking centers.


Advanced data management options

HearSIM™ offers a full range of data fields for easy customization. You can decide to which data format you want to export your tracking data, and whether the exports should be anonymized and/or encrypted. With automatic tracking export options, datasets get created in the background to reduce the workload.

HearSIM™ allows you to import patient lists and provides OtoAccess® Database integration possibilities. This frees up time and simplifies your workflows.

Tracking export formats:

  • - CSV
  • - HearSIM™ format
  • - XML - HearSIM™ format
  • - HiTrack
  • - OZ eSP™

HearSIM™ allows you to simply upload the export file to an FTP server, which makes the tracking transfer even faster.


Complete HearSIM™ EMR integration

HearSIM™ allows you to benefit from all OtoAccess® Database features and integration options. Starting from a server client setup, advanced user access level and backup management, the full benefit is reached by using OtoAccess® Worklist HL7. When you create a newborn hearing screening patient in your EMR, the patient is immediately available in HearSIM™ for testing. When returning the patient from the screening device, you can create a test report automatically, which is then returned to your EMR system with just one click.

Learn more about OtoAccess® Worklist HL7

Designed for leading manufacturer devices

With its full flexibility, HearSIM™ is the ideal tool for any newborn hearing screening clinic. HearSIM™ supports DPOAE and TEOAE measurements, as well as newborn hearing screening ABR measurements.

  • We support leading manufacturer hearing screening devices such as:
  • - MAICO easyScreen
  • - Interacoustics Sera™
  • - Interacoustics OtoRead™
  • - GSI Novus
  • - GSI Corti

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