OtoAccess® Database

Modern patient management system. Combining advanced IT functionality with a simple user experience, the database is an ideal solution for any healthcare professional.

Efficient workflows

OtoAccess® Database eliminates paper-based workflows. All patient and test data are safely stored and backed up. Looking up your patients and getting a treatment overview takes seconds, leaving more time for you to provide professional care for your patients.

For a smarter clinic

We have made it easy to integrate OtoAccess® Database with EHR systems to allow for the seamless transfer of patient data between major healthcare facilities. You can merge patient data from previous versions of OtoAccess® with OtoAccess® Database.

Contemporary and compliant

The database is built to be fully compatible with current and future EHR systems. At the same time, OtoAccess® Database is compliant with HIPAA and FIPS and has improved data management functionality to allow easier compliance with the GDPR.

How OtoAccess® simplifies management of patient data


Use-case scenario

Create patient

Create a new patient or choose an existing.

Graphing representing a patient

Perform measurement

Perform your tests and measurements. All data is automatically backed up.

Graphic of two people behind a desk testing audiological equipment

Access previews

Before your patient’s next visit, you can access previews of previous results in a matter of clicks.

Graphic representing preview of a file displaying a graph