OtoAccess® Database

Modern patient management system. Combining advanced IT functionality with a simple user experience, the database is an ideal solution for any healthcare professional.

Efficient workflows

OtoAccess® Database eliminates paper-based workflows. All patient and test data are safely stored and backed up. Looking up your patients and getting a treatment overview takes seconds, leaving more time for you to provide professional care for your patients.

Export data to Noah

OtoAccess® Database offers a seamless integration from electronic patient records to the final hearing aid fitting with its ability to export data directly to Noah. This ensures fast, secure data handling and eliminates errors in patient and test data transfer.

Contemporary and compliant

The database is built to be fully compatible with current and future EHR systems. At the same time, OtoAccess® Database is compliant with HIPAA and FIPS and has improved data management functionality to allow easier compliance with the GDPR.

How OtoAccess® simplifies management of patient data


Use-case scenario

Create patient

Create a new patient or choose an existing.

Graphing representing a patient

Perform measurement

Perform your tests and measurements. All data is automatically backed up.

Graphic of two people behind a desk testing audiological equipment

Access previews

Before your patient’s next visit, you can access previews of previous results in a matter of clicks.

Graphic representing preview of a file displaying a graph